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Congratulations New Winners!

Expert of IPL treatments and many others at Salon Beauty Carolina

Expert of IPL treatments and many others at Salon Beauty Carolina

We have two winners from our contest! Congratulations to them and in the upcoming weeks, Beckysbeautytips will writing a blog article for each one. The winner will go to Salon Carolina Beauty in Ramat Hasharon. This is a picture of Vivian herself who is an expert Reiki specialist. These are her details from our last blog site. She has great discounts and fabulous treatments!



The Clock is Ticking…

Still time to enter the contest

Still time to enter the contest

The Beckysbeautytips’ Contest is at its last hours! You still can enter and have a chance of winning our Free IPL Session at the Great Ramat HaSharon Salon Beauty Carolina Salon. AND THAT’S NOT ALL!!  The winner will be chosen randomly. If you are the winner, beckysbeautytips will write a blog article about you!

There is one day left to enter this amazing contest!. Good Luck!




Sit Back and Enjoy a Deeply Satisfying Experience

It’s no secret that winter is a disastrous time and season for your skin. The on going heaters in your home makes you feel warm and cozy but on the other side completely dries out your skin making it red and scaly. Finger nails become brittle and break at the wrong angle.  Let’s be honest, if you’re like me, sometimes you just need to pamper yourself as I did today. I treated my hands and nails to a wonderful very satisfying experience at Tamara Beauty Clinic on Rechov Hillel in Jerusalem. My nails hadn’t seen a manicurist in weeks and needed badly attention. After cuticles were cut, nails were filed and shaped. Which color would you choose?

The color was chosen. Essie deep brown almost black varnish.