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The New You

I was always photogenic growing up. It’s no secret that as the years pass, things change. Let’s put it this way, I look much better in real life like most of you. :) However, today, with the ¬†iphone, facebook, dating sites, you name it, it’s all about pictures. No one would even think about meeting you if your picture wasn’t stunning. So about a few years ago, I decided that if I wanted a really nice picture of myself, I had to look for a professional to take it. I found her by chance in the same ulpan class that I was in at Ulpan Moresha in Jerusalem.

Melissa Berg. She made aliyah from Toronto and was taking photographs in between classes of some of my classmates. When I saw the final result, I thought WOW!! THIS GIRL IS GOOD!

Melissa’s talent runs in her family. Her mother won a photographic competition, and a picture of Melissa and a friend was published in a magazine.



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