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Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets

So what did you do for Valentine’s Day? How did you celebrate? Did you think about jewelry? Here’s a jewelry website you don’t want to miss. Edita Designs. The owner, Edita, is originally from Peru and made aliyah to Israel quite a number of years ago. She is a lawyer by profession, but when she was on maternity leave, she started creating jewelry pieces as a hobby. Friends started asking her to make pieces for them and Edita Designs was born.




Jewelry with Pizzazz


Ili Goren (left)
Mayan Hazan (right)

At the same young designers fashion fair in Ramat Aviv, that I attended a few weeks ago, I met another marvelous team of Jewelers. Ili Goren, owner of Ili Goren Jewelry Design and Mayan Hazan, owner of Petitaureau.

Both women are fashion and jewelry designers. Each of them runs their own jewelry companies, solo. You can find their designs and jewelry at Shoemaker Boutique in Tel Aviv until the end of Feb. It is located on 20 King George Street.

On Thursdays and Fridays, you can see their jewelry at their individual stands. This inside jewelry market takes place at the Dizengoff Center on Dizengoff Street in Tel Av. The Jewelry fair  is located on the -1 level floor below the main floor of the mall. It’s usually packed with shoppers so try to get there early.







Fabulous Rubber Bands

When I was a child, black rubber band bracelets were in style. They were called in Hebrew, גומיות. I remember visiting Israel one summer and seeing everybody in the streets wearing the one single rubber black bracelet. If you wanted to be cool, you wore them.

Many years have passed, and now my own daughter went through the same גומיות phase but this time they were colored shapes, colored animals, colored people.

Goomy Loom is now the fashion fad for children and teens in Israel. Rainbow Loom is what it is called in English.