Style Expert in Rananna

Here's a Stylish Looking Woman!

Here’s a Stylish Looking Woman!

There are stylists and there are life coaches. I was excited when I met Elana Shap who is a certified Style Coach and Style Expert in Israel. Her offices are centrally located in Rananna.

So do you know what a Style Coach is because at first I honestly didn’t know.  Elana explained in her beautiful South African accent that style coaching is all about helping her clients discover their personal style. In her sessions,they learn the rules for dressing for their body shape and colors are picked and tested against their skin to see what makes them look radiant. She also deals with body image so that the styling process takes the customer from the inside out.

I had seen once on television,  the Susannah and Trinny Show. They also are style experts who help people revamp their image by using their own clothes in their closets. I asked Elana if their show can be compared to the work she does. Elana admits her work is similar to the the two British makeover stars, Susannah and Trinny but she said and I quote, “Without the bitchy attitude!” Sounds perfect! In wardrobe organization sessions things can get really emotional. For example, parting with your favorite pair of jeans that remind you when you were 10kg thinner or that glitzy outfit you kept in your closet for years because it brought up such nice memories for you every time you wore it.

Elana helps people move on. She updates and refreshes their wardrobe. The best thing about her job is watching her clients feel liberated after they achieve their goal.

How did Elana, a former South African, become a Style Coach and Style Expert? She said she was always aware of the power of good grooming. While working as a journalist for many years, she wrote about lifestyle and fashion for local and foreign publications. On one occasion, she saw an article written about a style coaching program. Elana thought it was a great idea because she believes that women should feel and know the importance of looking good and feeling great. Here is a Before and After of one of her customers.

Here's a Before and After

Here’s a Before and After

Presentation is the crucial key to how one dresses successfully. It doesn’t matter where that woman is. She could be on a date, at work, or even just getting a coffee at a nearby cafe. When she leaves her house, she has to make sure she looks good. Her hair should be brushed, she should put some make up on her face, and she should be wearing a nice outfit. Elana believes that how you dress and the image you present is crucial to how people perceive you.

Elana says, “It may sound superficial but the way you dress sends clear messages about you. When you are put together it shows your boss and colleagues how professional and credible you are.”

What’s Elana’s number one styling tip? She says accessories are a must have! They are a woman’s secret weapon. Scarves and bags are essential. Sometimes shoes give a woman an appearance of slimmer, taller, and more feminine.

Stay tuned to We will be having another contest soon and a session from Elana’s Style Coaching might be one of the lucky prizes.

Elana does personal style coaching consultations that include body shape and color analysis; wardrobe organization and personal shopping. She is also available for style and beauty evenings and workshops. For more details go to or call Elana on 050-5558156.




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