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An Innovation for Measuring Your Ring Size


Picture from Boykung at Freedigitalphotos.net

Picture from Boykung at Freedigitalphotos.net

When I was engaged to my fiancé in 1999, he was in London and I was in NJ. The engagement ring was a surprise, but he wanted to know my ring size. I went to a local jeweler in NJ to have my finger size fitted and was given a number. I sent my fiancé the size and guess what? The ring didn’t fit; It was too big! We had to go back to the jeweler in London to resize the ring and make the necessary changes. If only there was a solution…Twenty years later, there is, thanks to a new website called, “Find My Ring Size”. What a brilliant idea! Find My Ring Size is a website that lets users find their exact ring size online. Customers are delighted with the fact that they do not have to visit a jeweler or wait for a ring sizer to come in the mail. It’s a real time saving tool. There is no programming needed by the jewelry retailers.  Just one line of code and Find My Ring Size will do the rest”, says Eliad Inbar, CEO of Find My Ring Size. The inventors of Find My Ring Size are Eliad Inbar and Yevgeniy “EV” Kuznetsov, cofounders of Triple Next Technologies, a hi tech company located in Israel. This innovative idea originated when the CTO, “EV”, was abroad and wanted to buy a dress for his wife. However, he didn’t know her size. This problem led to the well thought idea of Find My Ring Size which is a great success. More than 1000 company websites have already signed up for this unique service, and the site has drawn more than 10,000 visitors per day.  (more…)


Experience the Wonder of the Goji Berry

mask powder in the packet

This is the actual mask powder in the packet ready to be mixed.

If you have seen my blog article, “Treat Yourself”, on Jane’s Beauty Salon in Jerusalem, you won’t want to miss this next blog article I have written.  It was truly an unforgettable experience.  Instead of the regular facial treatments that I normally have,  I went for something quite different. A Goji Berry Mask Facial Treatment which was extraordinary!  Just so you know, this specific facial includes all the pampering luxuries that Jane provides with her other facial treatments. The difference is that there are two pampering parts to this particular facial. Part I is the regular luxury facial treatments. Part II is the addition of this rejuvenating anti aging mask.  Here are some unique photos showing you the steps.



Fabulous Rubber Bands

When I was a child, black rubber band bracelets were in style. They were called in Hebrew, גומיות. I remember visiting Israel one summer and seeing everybody in the streets wearing the one single rubber black bracelet. If you wanted to be cool, you wore them.

Many years have passed, and now my own daughter went through the same גומיות phase but this time they were colored shapes, colored animals, colored people.

Goomy Loom is now the fashion fad for children and teens in Israel. Rainbow Loom is what it is called in English.