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I was always photogenic growing up. It’s no secret that as the years pass, things change. Let’s put it this way, I look much better in real life like most of you. :) However, today, with the  iphone, facebook, dating sites, you name it, it’s all about pictures. No one would even think about meeting you if your picture wasn’t stunning. So about a few years ago, I decided that if I wanted a really nice picture of myself, I had to look for a professional to take it. I found her by chance in the same ulpan class that I was in at Ulpan Moresha in Jerusalem.

Melissa Berg. She made aliyah from Toronto and was taking photographs in between classes of some of my classmates. When I saw the final result, I thought WOW!! THIS GIRL IS GOOD!

Melissa’s talent runs in her family. Her mother won a photographic competition, and a picture of Melissa and a friend was published in a magazine.

She always had an interest in photography and would look at magazine photos growing up. In film school she learned how to capture the best look with different lighting and angles.

Her photographs most definitely show her creative side. The aim is to bring out her client’s best features and to give them the image of what they want to project to the world. She told me that many think that their own photos are good enough; the reality is that they don’t realize that with the eye of a professional photographer, they can be made to look even better!!

Melissa feels wonderful when her clients are thrilled with the end result. She wants them to feel proud. It gives her such inspiration.

In addition to her photography, she is an artist and has recently  finished a haggadah called “Pop Haggadah”,, where all the commentary is in the graphics. Release date is January 2014.



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  1. iris
    December 27, 2013 at 8:59 am (4 years ago)

    I love your bog! Its lovely !



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