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Savor The Hairstyle You Desire

Want hair like this? Keep on reading...

Want hair like this? Keep on reading…

So here I am on my third trip to a chic Jerusalem hair and beauty Salon. This time it is in the breathtaking neighborhood of Talbiya. Salon Tzvi Michaeli’s location is on a very tres riche street. The stately homes of the Prime Minister and President of Israel reside here as well as diplomats and high ranking officials. Very affluent Arab residents in Jerusalem lived in this elegant area until 1948. Their oriental houses still stand looking majestic. Other famous landmarks include, the Jerusalem Sherover Theater and Inbal hotel.

Relax into sophistication

Relax into sophistication

I met with hair stylist Chanan who has been at the salon for 12 years and graduated from the Bet Elisheva Hairdressing School in Katamon.  Customers from all over the world and all over Israel make appointments here especially during the Jewish high holidays and summertime.

What’s the most requested style? Everything. From crazy to the classic look; Everybody wants something different and the trained staff accommodates all interests. Natural hair colors and highlights is usually the choice. Busiest days? Thursdays and Fridays.  It is suggested to book in advance but even if you call at the last minute, they will try to fit you in.

While waiting  for my appointment, a choice of chococcino, cappuccino, espresso long or short, or tea was offered. I chose cappuccino and it was delicious. There is a relaxing waiting area outside with comfortable cushioned chairs and a matching table. The salon is small but very smart.

Products?  Loreal and their own line, Tzvi Michaeli whose ingredients are made up of natural oils. These bottles are sold and used only in the store.

Dazzling hair when these products are used!

Hours? Sunday-Thursday, 9am-7pm. Monday, 9am-2pm and Fridays, 8am-2:30pm. 02-566-1666. Check out the beauty dept. You can get your nails and toes done. Also skin treatments and make overs.

This is my blow dry and I love it.It's for the weekend!


At Last My Curls Have Returned!

My story goes like this: Since 10 years old, I’ve always had curly wavy hair and not one hairdresser until now has known how to cut it to bring out my curls. Despite my enduring desire for Sarah Jessica Parker curls, it was always the same story: “Sorry honey, stop wishing for what you can’t have. You have beautiful hair, why do you want to change it?” Frustration!!


Sammy’s great haircut returned my long lost curls to me.

But what I didn’t know is that the truth is I had curls –  it’s just not one hairdresser knew how to bring them out!  Why? Because my hair was so chopped, teased, and chemically treated, the curls never had a chance to develop – and I never waited long enough between haircuts to let them come out.

But after so many years, luck was finally on my side: My mother’s friend suggested I try her hairdresser at Salon Ilan in Jerusalem’s Leonardo Plaza Hotel on King George Street.  And suddenly there they were – my curls had returned!

First of all, I don’t know about you but I already feel like a celebrity when I walk into a smart elegant hotel. The presence and ambience is in the air. You can smell it! photo-26

Once you’re in the Salon, you’re in for a real treat: a mix of personal care and highly skilled treatment tells you that you’ve come to the right place. This is not your run of the mill beauty salon – it’s the place where class meets perfection. The staff’s magic touch, unusual imagination, and careful, precise skill, bring out the beauty that you knew you had all along. And it’s all done in an easy, friendly atmosphere that makes your transformation an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

Everybody seems to know each other. Customers hug and kiss the staff and thank them for doing such a beautiful job. The hair stylists listen to what look you want and the result is what you actually thought of.

Coffee and Israeli fashion magazines are offered.

Sipping and reading while hair is being styled. Who could ask for more?

Sipping and reading while hair is being styled. Who could ask for more?

Salon Ilan has been serving its customers for 35 years! The salon was started by Hairstylist Guru, Ilan Naveh.  I spoke with Sammy, the hair specialist who takes care of me. He has worked with this salon since he was a student from the Bet Elisheva Hairdressing School in Jerusalem over 30 years ago.  Since the salon is part of the hotel, the clientele is Israeli, Anglo, and foreign. Lots of tourists. I asked Sammy what styles and cuts the customers usually ask for. He said the trend is now haircuts with long layers. People like something they can manage to do when they are alone at home. Although, I overheard one customer say that her haircut was so beautiful, she will never be able to do it as nicely  He said the best part of his job is seeing his customers happy with their haircut, blow dry, or color and the beaming smiles on their faces.

The worst part? Blowdrying the hair if it’s difficult to stretch and straighten like mine. I know.  My arm aches just watching the process.

Kerastase Hair Styling Products
Kerastase Hair Styling Products

Products? The Salon uses mainly Kerastase. Popular days? Thursdays and Fridays. Hours? Sunday to Thursdays 9am-6pm. Fridays 9am-1pm. Contact Details: 02-625-1018

If you are looking to get your nails and toes done,  there is an in-house manicurist, but make sure you book her in advance! She also take care of bridal make up and other cosmetic/skin needs.



Trendy Hair Salon Amongst Nature’s Finest

Do you ever ask yourself where you can get your hair done in a cozy intimate setting without the buzzing traffic? Moris’s Hair Salon in the trendy Baka Area of Jerusalem just might be what you are looking for. The salon is nestled in a neighborhood full of beautiful flowers and trees that never seem to lose their vibrancy.  82 Rechov Derech Bet Lechem.  photo-9

photo-10An interesting fact: The hairdressing studio is situated next to the only apple tree in Jerusalem with one green apple hanging in the middle.

A lonely apple hanging on Jerusalem’s only apple tree

Moris’s salon has clients traveling to them from all over Israel; Eilat, Aco, and Nahariya are a few cities that were mentioned. Moris himself has been in the hair cutting business for the last 17 years. How did he know he wanted to be a hair stylist? As a little boy, he used to go with his mother to hair salons and at age 13 he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. Well, according to his clients, he is doing a fantastic job!. I spoke with Yaron who’s specialty is making brides look beautiful on their wedding day. He said clients are asking for short asymetric styles. The former Victoria Spice look is back on the market. I had that haircut a few years back.

Usual orders for colors are medium brown with honey highlights. Blond and red is also back. Best part of his job? Seeing his clients thrilled with the end results and the great service the salon provides. Also on hand is their own private cosmetician for mani/pedi/bridal make up/facials, etc. Busiest day? Sunday and Friday. It’s a small shop so while you wait grab a seat on a few leather cozy chairs waiting for you outside the cafe while sipping a hot cup of your choice…  Cappuccino, expresso long and short, cafe hafuch(cafe au lait), decaf, and tea. There is a fashion catwalk video in the background showing the latest fashion styles. Products they use? Schwarzkopf. The salon’s hours are Sun-Thurs-9am-7pm. Friday and holidays, 9am-3pm. Contact number is 026722952.


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