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Indulgent Hand Creams Made in Israel

It’s almost the end of October in Israel and the weather is still relatively warm. Short sleeves, sandals, sun cream is still the norm. The leaves here don’t change colors, unfortunately.

As you know, the sun’s rays make your hands and nails dry. Women are always using hand cream to keep their hands moist and smelling great! . They rub the cream all over their skin, nails, and cuticles. Whether it’s on the bus, in the office, or right before eating at a restaurant. The smell is blissful. Some creams have the notorious smell of the Dead Sea water and salts while others have a smell of honey or fruits.  The trend used to be that when you thought of hand creams made in israel, you only thought of Ahava or other Dead Sea products. Things have changed. Other hand creams on the Israeli market made with different ingredients and are selling like wildcats. I went to a few different stores in Jerusalem to show you the latest on the market.

The first was Laline. photoThey have branches all over the country.  Five in Jerusalem. I visited the one on 6 Rechov Ben Hillel Street. The salesgirl was very nice and let me browse and look at the creams without watching my every move. Thankfully, she left me alone. Don’t you hate when you enter a make up counter at a department store and they almost jump on you?

There were rows  and rows of hand creams: Some had better scents than others. The lavender hand cream was wonderful. It made me feel calm and cozy, while the strawberry milk one smelled good enough to eat! For 54.99 NIS, you can get fig, lavender or vanilla patchouli in a pretty plastic bottle with a gold or silver pump! You choose.

Next was Sabon,  http://www.sabon.co.il/index2.html, who photo (1)unfortunately didn’t let me take any pictures except the banner which I took outside the store’s premises. The salesgirl was very friendly until I told her I was writing a blog and would like to promote their store for free publicity on the web. She said no pictures. I guess she didn’t understand even though I asked her and she said yes, she understood. They are an international chain with branches all over Israel. The store is very elegant and inviting.  There were two rows of hand creams. Some in boxes i.e.: musk, lavender rose, patchouli lavender vanilla, and lavender apple for 43 NIS. The creams also come in pretty plastic bottles with pumps for 59 NIS. If you want to give your hands a vigorous treatment, you can get a hand scrub for 56 NIS. Moisturizing gloves are 82 NIS and come in white. If you need to wash your hands without water when you’re on the go, you can buy a small bottle for 22 NIS that can fit right in your purse.  Gift baskets of different creams were on display in big and small wicker baskets tied with a silk white ribbon. If you don’t like their choice of items, you can choose and make your own.

Sabon has many unique deals. There is always a discount. This week it’s 30 percent off all lavender apple products. Don’t forget to sign up for their club card. You get points everytime you buy a product and they give you a free gift at birthday time. This year it’s choose a tube from four scented hand creams!

bowl of hand creams

bowl of hand creams

If you are looking for a bargain hand cream, go to a Dead Sea Store. You can find these shops all over downtown Jerusalem.  When you see their inviting bowl of hand and foot creams, you know you are at the right place. These fit right into your purse. To my surprise, those tubes were the only hand creams in the shop.

The famous Ahava, ltd. store I stopped in at the Mamilla Mall. Their two bestseller hand creams are Mineral hand cream for daily use and Dermud Intensive Hand Cream for dry and cracked hands.  The smell is wonderful. You feel you are at floating in the Dead Sea already!

Last but not least, I went to Superpharm. This is just a very big pharmacy that sells everything:  from diapers to cosmetics  to medicine to hand creams. There were so many to choose from. Prices range from 9 NIS to 35 NIS. The Life company has three types: Brazilian, Japanese, and Indian. Alas, they didn’t smell at all like their description on the bottle; but still were pleasant scents.

All these creams make great gifts for you or your friend. Go on indulge. It’s worth it…

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